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ERSA IR/PL 650 XL, Big Board Rework System

The ERSA IR/PL 650 XL is the companies new rework flagship machine for extra large PCBs. For today's rework operators working on large PCBs, one truth remains constant - the rework difficulty increases with the size of the PCB! From a profitability standpoint, reworking large PCBs represents a tremendous risk due to the very high PCB price. One failed rework procedure could destroy a PCB thereby losing the high material costs and follow-on profits!


With over 5,000 IR rework systems installed worldwide, ERSA is one of the major players in the industry. ERSA was given the challenge by one of the world's largest EMS companies to design an optimal large board rework machine to safely handle the toughest applications. ERSA is now proud to introduce its flagship machine for extra large PCBs, the ERSA IR/PL 650 XL. PCBs up to 20" x 24" or 500 mm x 625 mm can now be safely and rapidly reworked using one of the industry's largest & most powerful bottom side heaters - an 8,000 W medium wavelength IR heater measuring 500 mm x 625 mm! The total system power is 9,200 W! These extra powerful bottom & top heaters are necessary for large boards, especially for those which are thicker than 3 mm. Unless the entire board area is efficiently preheated from the bottom, such boards show the tendency of bending and warping during the rework procedure.


Divided into 5 separately controllable bottom side heating zones and 4 top side zones, the operator on the IR/PL 650 XL can individually set the power supply to each zone in order to find the optimal preheating conditions to minimize damage via board warpage. In addition to the total size & power of the bottom heater, an important factor is the position of the PCB over the bottom heater. The IR/PL650 XL has a completely redesigned PCB holder table which exposes the entire PCB to the heater area. No matter where the component to be repaired is located on the board, the entire PCB is preheated! No cold spots means less warping!


The large PCB table design guarantees that all shapes of boards are carried in an optimal manner. Top- and bottom side support rails are easy to insert and adjustable to the actual rework task within minutes. The table includes a 45° butterfly mechanism to lift the entire PCB while it is inserted in the holder and thus provides easy access to the bottom side. The operator can easily attach thermo probes on the bottom side, position the support pins or carry out other "down under" operations like shielding heat sensitive components.


Finally, the IR/PL 650 XL has taken a completely new approach to cooling as the larger PCBs require a higher cooling volume. Similar to ERSA's wave soldering machines, this rework machine has a new & highly efficient compressed air cooling system. Using an air tube which extends the entire length of the bottom side heater, laminar flow cooling takes place via very fine air outlets. The air flow rate can be adjusted for a faster or slower cooling gradient.


The bottom line is simple: investing in large board rework equipment specifically designed for the toughest applications will save money in rework scrap reduction. The ERSA IR/PL 650 XL is currently the world's most powerful and flexible big board rework system!

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