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  4. Sonel MPI-502
Sonel MPI-502 Измеритель сопротивления петли фаза-нуль

Sonel MPI-502

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Цена: 615.00

Short circuit loop parameters measurements:
- measurements of short circuit loop impedance in networks with rated voltage: 220/380V, 230V/400V, 240/415V and frequency 45...65Hz,
- measurements of short circuit loop impedance with current 15mA without tripping the circuit breaker.
Testing the RCD breakers of AC, A types:
- testing of prompt, short-delay (general) and selective RCDs for the rated current values 10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA,
- IA measurement
- RE and UB measurement without tripping the circuit breaker,
- extended RCD test function AUTO, with measurement of ZL-PE with current 15mA - measurement of IA and tA during one RCD tripping.
Detection of the replacement L and N in the socket and automatic conversion in the meter.
Low voltage resistance measurements of protective circuits and junctions:
- measurement of resistance with 200 mA current
- calibration of test leads - possibility of using any length of test leads,
- low current resistance measurement with accoustic signalling
Rapid check for the correct connection of PE wire using touch electrode.
Measurement of mains voltage and frequency.
Power supply from LR6 batteries or NiMH accumulators (option).
The device meets the requirements of IEC 61557 standard.

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