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Fluke Fluke 867BE Multimeter

Fluke Fluke 867BE

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Graphical MultiMeter Fluke 867BE is the ultimate handheld tool for any application that demands real precision. Its 0.025% basic accuracy makes the 867B GMM tool an excellent choice for critical measurements. The 867B delivers the ultimate combination of functions and accuracy available in one handheld tool.

    Waveform Display to 1 MHz
  • Safety-rated to 1000V
  • Digital Display/Counts
  • Selectable True-rms or Average Sensing
  • Continuity/Conductance/Capacitance
  • Duty Cycle/Pulse Width/Period/Frequency
  • Min/Max/Average with Time Stamp
  • Relative Mode
  • Touch Hold® and Peak Hold
  • dB, AutoDiode™
  • Auto/Manual Ranging, Smoothing™
  • RS232 Interface (software and cable optional)
  • Logic Activity
  • Component Test
  • LCD backlight
  • Waveform memory
  • Built-in NiCad charging
  • Battery Eliminator
  • 0.025% basic dc accuracy to discriminate low-level signal variations in transducers and analog electronics.
  • Direct current from 0 to 10 Amps, with resolution down to 10nA
  • Capacitance from 40pF to 10,000 µF
  • Measure dB gain or loss in amplifiers, filters, or attenuators
  • Tested for IEC 1010-1, CAT III 1000 Volts for industrial distribution systems
  • And more: AutoDiode™, TouchHold®, Smoothing™, Relative, Peak Hold, Auto/Manual Ranging
  • RS-232 Interface for communication to computers and printers. Import waveforms into reports (software and cable optional).

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