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Sonel LKZ-700 Cable detector

Sonel LKZ-700

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Price: 509.00

LKZ-700 (package: transmiter + receiver) -> index: WMGBLKZ700
LKO-700 reciver -> index: WMGBLKO700
LKN-700 transmitter -> index: WMGBLKN700

Wire tracer LKZ-700 is designed for detecting of cables and conductors in various environments (concrete, brick, wood, ground) being under voltege, without the need to disconnect any devices from tested network, as well as in non-voltage environments. The range of instrument application is very wide and the most common applications are as follows:

detection of conductors in ceilings, walls and floors,
location of breaks in cables,
location of switches and fuses,
location of the routes of shorted circuits,
llocation of earth cables failure in installation
possibility to detect illegal power consumption,
tracing of underground cables course, to the depth of 2 m,
tracing of conducting pipes in water or CO installations,
identification of cables in installation.

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