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Fluke FLUKE-714B/EN Kalibrators

Fluke FLUKE-714B/EN

Piegāde: pasūtāms
Cena: 1 559.00

Thermocouple temperature calibrator   The 714B can measure and simulate (17) different thermocouple types and millivolts Measure 4 to 20 mA signals while simultaneously sourcing a temperature signalHanging tool designed in and included with every unitConfigurable 0% and 100% source settings for quick 25% linearity checksLinear ramp and 25% step auto ramp based on 0% and 100% settingsDual inputs and backlit display for easy interpretation of measurementsPower down settings remembered at power up for easy restart of tests1-year and 2-year specifications and traceable certificate of calibration  

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