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Fluke FLUKE-709 Kalibrators

Fluke FLUKE-709

Piegāde: pasūtāms
Cena: 1 228.00

Precision Loop Calibrator•• Best-in-class accuracy at 0.01% reading •• Compact rugged design •• Intuitive user interface with Quick-Set knob for fast setup, easy use •• 24 V DC loop power with mA measure mode (-25% to 125%) •• Resolution of 1 ?A on mA ranges and 1 mV on voltages ranges •• Built in selectable 250 ? resistor for HART communications •• Simple two wire connection for all measurements •• Auto shutdown to conserve battery life •• Variable step and ramp time in seconds •• Valve test (source and simulate defined mA values with % keys

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