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Castle VK007 Vibration meter

Castle VK007

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True to the principles of Castle design and development strategy, we are proud to introduce the GA2003 pocket HARM® (Hand Arm Risk Measurement) Vibration Indicator. Offering simple, reliable and accurate results for many types of vibration measurement plus instant Data-logging.

Vibration Indicator

Damage to the Hand and Arm through exposure to vibrating hand held power tools is rapidly becoming a major area of health and safety risk assessment. Up to now, the process of gathering data to support such a program has been both difficult and costly. The GA2003 is a basic indicator for gathering background information to help determine whether or not there is a problem with Hand Arm vibration exposure in the workplace. For companies requiring measurement in compliance with the relevant international standards, then the Castle Excieo is designed specifically for this task.


The GA2003 is suitable for industrial vibration measurements, machine condition, building vibration and Hand Arm vibration indicative measurements.


  • Small and Light weight
  • Simple to Use
  • Highly Robust
  • Tactile Keypad
  • 8 Character LCD Display
  • Simple Data-logging of 9 Data-points
  • Comes complete with Accelerometer, Cable and HARM BLOK®
  • Multiple Filters (Mechanical and HARM®)
  • Multiple Parameters (Acceleration, Velocity and HARM®)
  • Multiple Measurements (Lav, rms, Max.rms. and Peak & Elapsed Time)

What do You Get?

The GA2003 comes with slightly different accessories to suit the nature of the work that would normally be carried out. The accessories available widen the applications to cover those of the GA2002 and make this a truly Multi Function Instrument.

Accelerometer Piezo-electric (10pc/g)
Acceleration Range 0.1 to 1000 ms-2 (0.01 to 100 g)
Velocity Range 0.1 to 1000 mms-1
Mechanical Filter Frequency 10Hz - 1KHz
Memory non-volatile E2PROM memory which holds calibration data plus storage of 9 spot results.
Keypad 9 Key Tactile Keypad
Standards BS6842 Compliance with EMC CE marking
Display 8 Character LCD Display
Parameters Acceleration, Velocity, HARM® (Hand Arm Risk Measurement)
Filters Mechanical and HARM® (Hand Arm Risk Measurement) filter as specified in HSE HS(G)88 publication
Detectors RMS and Peak
Displays rms, Lmax, Lpeak, Lav (Linear average value), Elapsed Time
Overload Indication(flashing display) Battery condition indication, Low Battery (Flashing alternate display), Hi/Lo range
Calibration Simple calibration offset accessed from the keypad and stored in the non-volatile memory
Weight 250g with batteries
Size 135 x 62 x 30mm
Batteries 1 x IEC No 6LR61 (Upto 40 hrs life with Duracel MN1604)
This Kit Includes:

  • GA2003 HARM®/Gen. Purpose Pocket Vibration Meter.
  • KD1001 Basic Accelerometer
  • KD1207 General Purpose Mounting Block
  • ZL1094-M12 Accelerometer cable
  • KA013 Kit Case
  • KD1202 Mounting Studs (pack of 5)
  • KD1204 Standard Mag Mount

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