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Kimo Portables MP 210 H Multifunction environmental tester

Kimo Portables MP 210 H

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Price: 700.00

Multi-probe portable thermo-anemo-manometer. With backlit graphic display, 2 input channels for measuring probes and PT100 temperature probes (-200 to +600Ā°C), output for PC and printer. Functions: pressure, temperature, air velocity and airflow. Supplied with pressure module (-500 to 500 mbar - 9 to 100 m/s), with 1 Thermocouple K/J/T/S/N channel, with 1 cable with mini-DIN connector, for measuring probes (coming in option), 2x1m silicone tube 4x6, 2x1m of silicone tube 4x7, stainless steel tube Ƙ 6 mm, length 100mm, Lithium Ion rechargeable battery with USB / mains adapter cable, calibration certificate and transport case. Coming in option: pressure modules, 4 thermocouple channels, air velocity and temperature probes (wire or wireless), CO, gas leak, tachometry, software and printer.

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