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Castle VK027 Vibration meter

Castle VK027

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This general purpose Excieo vibration meter system includes a rugged accelerometer and cable along with a spike probe, PC software and an attaché case.

The GA2005 Vibration Meter boasts multiple frequency filters covering a wide range of applications. It has large data-logging capabilities with the option of recording time-histories, useful in Environmental measurements. This rugged instrument is also incredibly simple to use with good battery life and fast download to a PC via USB.

Applications include:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Machine condition monitoring
  • Bearing condition checking
  • Engineering measurements
  • Product emissions testing
  • Production quality checking

This Kit Includes:

  • GA2005S - Pro-DX Excieo Multi-purpose Vibration Meter (not HARM or WBV)
  • KD1003 - Standard Accelerometer (Amplified Output)
  • ZL1097-FLEX - Flexible coil cable for general purpose measurement
  • KD1205 - Large Spike Probe
  • KA016V - Kit case for Excieo
  • PC009 - VIBdataPRO

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