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Castle VK037 Vibration meter

Castle VK037

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The V9000 Seismograph is a portable battery operated ground vibration monitor, housed in an industrialised casing to withstand high intensity environments.

Primary industries monitoring ground vibration include:

The V9000 also includes new features such as:Internet based remote capability
Frequency plotting in accordance with BS 5228 Part 2: 2009 and BS 7385 Part 2; 1993
Multiple text alarm functions
Larger screen with graphical representation
7 day timer function
Sleep mode
Basic and custom set up
Data storage for all 3 axes
Extended battery life of up to 40 days


Once collected the results can be downloaded to a PC using the vibrock plug and play software. It can then be analysed after being exported to an excel spreadsheet.
Two Stage alarm - The two stage alarm comes with a standard 10 metre cable length, and battery charger. The alarm only uses power when it is activated, so the internal battery will last for between 3 – 4 months before requiring a re-charge. When activated, the alarm will operate for 15 seconds
before re-setting. The two stage alarm can work in conjunction with the text alarm function, on Seismographs which have the modem fitted.

Optional Extras

Twin Channel Option - the twin channel transducer enables the V9000 to take measurements on a common time base in two locations simultaneously. It is also capable of measuring vibration dose values (VDV) to BS 6472 Part 1:2008
Number of Channels 4 (optional 7)
A/D Conversion 1millisecond each channel
A/D Resolution 10 bit to 13mm/S then 10 bit to 200mm/S
Resolution 0.012mm/S to 13mm/S then 0.2mm/S
Transducer 3 component geophone pack
Natural Frequency 4Hz
Length of Extension Cable up to 1000metres
Seismograph Power 2 number D cells (Alkaline battery)
Battery Life 30 days continuous monitoring
External Power 12V DC
Memory Non-Volatile
Memory Size about 300 short trigger events or 30 days Continuous or any combination of these
Communications Port RS232
Communications Protocol 8 bit no parity 9600 baud
Measurement Parameters Peak particle velocity (mm/S)
Acceleration (g)
Displacement (mm)
Air Overpressure (dB)
Instrument Protection IP65
Transducer Protection IP67
Conformity CE
Environmental IEC 68-2
EMC Compliance EN 61010, EN50 081, EN 50, 082
Weight of Instrument 4Kg
Vibrock V9000

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